Recoil help

I have a TEC H60 with a cast aluminum recoil. After I reassembled the recoil and pull the cord it all works perfectly. I mount it on my motor, give it one pull it works perfectly, when I go for the second pull....nothing...the dog stops coming out. When I take it apart the center screw has backed out about 1/4 turn causing this. Any ideas?? I have no idea if I am missing a piece.
It does sound like the ride hieght of that spool on the hub it screws too is not right... You should have a shoulder bolt type screw that screws in tight, and has a larger shoulder that acts like an axle for that spool to spin on... If the screw is tightening or loosening it is probably not the right screw or the spool or the hub it all screws together on is dirty or something... For some reason the spool is too tight... There probaby should not be any washers under the spool or anything either... Hub, spool over that, then screw with washer on top to keep the spool on..... Did you post a similar problem a while back? Do you have any pics of the inside part of your recoil system?
I can take some pictures. Now that I read what you wrote it does seem like I have the wrong style screw in the center. There is no "shoulder" on it and if I tighten it tight the recoil doesnt turn at all. Are these screws readily available?

From the top I have the center screw with a washer under it, then a large cap that the dog shoots out from under it. There is a crown looking washer that goes over the large dimple int the center of the cap with a large fender washer under that. Kind of hard to describe.
Ohhhhhhhhh I don't know.. NOT REALLY but it's just a screw ya know? Most likely ya woun't find one RIGHT for it at the store... But any one of the ole guys one here have 500 of them.. It's not hard to just make one.. Make sure ya find a screw that threads in right and is AT LEAST long enough to screw down tight without pinching the spool... Then find some king of tube or something you can make a center bushing out of so that spool stays centered, because you ALSO do not want the spool to be pulled (off center) Someone should have a screw they would give ya if you can find someone right next door to ya or something.. Nothing else someone will mail ya one for free I'm sure... Yeah pics of what have on the insides would help %1,000,000
If the shoulder is too big around you could try grinding it down on a grinder or something.. Just kinda give it a spin as you go to keep it fairly round. If it's too long you can just stack washers on the outside. If you can find a bunch of small washers you might be able to stack some on the inside and use those for a bushing on a regular screw..
the center bolt puts a small amount of drag on the plate that opens the dog . you need to shave off some of the bolt so it will thread in tight and give the drag or put washers in till it works