1. J

    Rupp Decals for Ruppster, Roadster, Sprint

    I have some NOS and repro Rupp decals: $8 each, plus S&H: Live It Up Rupp - 5 available #16447 Ruppster Body / Side Decals, 8” long - 5 available 1973 ROADSTER II Gastank Decal, 6.5” long - 2 available $10 each, plus S&H: Rupp TC-1 Torque Converter Decal, 5.25” long - 2 available $5...
  2. S

    briggs animal recoil starter

    I have a orange briggs animal thats set up for a kart electric starter i would like to set it up with a recoil starter to use on a mini bike....the briggs local option LO 206 has a recoil starter would these parts interchange?....if so which parts would i need and part #....also whats the...
  3. CLH

    Why does my new recoil have a knot in it?

    I bought a new recoil assy for my 7hp Tec and there is a knot holding out about 2 feet of rope or so. :doah: Why? How come? What happens if I untie it? :confused: This is it and what it looks like:
  4. Not so mini bike

    Old style Briggs 5hp recoil

    In good shape. Could probably be spun tighter to rewind better. Comes with mounting screw. $35 shipped
  5. CLH

    Tecumseh HH70 Blower housing, no electric starter/snow

    Looking for a clean/usable blower housing for a Tecumseh HH70 engine, NO electric starter bump. Looking for one WITHOUT fuel line/primer bulb holes in it (like a snowblower model). I just need a regular HH70's blower housing for this engine. I don't necessarily need the recoil portion of the...
  6. C

    Raptor 2 recoil

    I'm looking for a recoil pull start that will work on a Raptor 2 briggs.
  7. Scumbag


    Tecumseh H50 BLOWER SHROUD with RECOIL STARTER, plus, original Hardware & foam cover. -original paint- $25 (plus shipping) Pull-start recoils nicely
  8. M

    Recoil starter help on WB 820

    I finished rebuilding the West Bend 820 on my Chrysler Sno Runner. Both the recoil starters I have do not engage the "Cup", which has many gouges in it. When looking for a replacement cup I saw one advertised as a right hand "Cup". Is there a difference in starter cups on WB right and left...
  9. mini one

    Older Tec Recoil Stuff

    The top Three and the new one are complete/working. Everything here for 50.00 plus shipping or trades? Shipped from NY 12302
  10. mini one

    Tecumseh Recoil covers and starter pulley assemblies

    Thinning out the stuff a little. The older box on the top right has the wrong part number on it FYI, the recoil cover was just in that box when I got it... Everything you see for 50.00 plus shipping (be patient) from 12302 zip in NY or trades for Trail Horse/clone/predator...
  11. Not so mini bike

    Tecumseh ohv recoil

    Yes I know I can buy one new but the Chinese ones are junk and oem is so dam expensive. Does anyone have one laying around I can get on da cheap. Lol 5,5.5and 6hp are all the same I believe.
  12. ludicrous speed

    carb and recoil for honda gc 160 needed

    carb and recoil for honda gc 160/190 needed,they dont have to be spiffy,just useable. if you have the matching color cover i might could use that too. Thanks :thumbsup: also looking for: boonie bike rollers/or rollers with 10 inch wheels/tires.
  13. V

    Recoil rope

    Anyone know the diameter of the recoil rope used on tecumsehs? There's many to choose from.
  14. thejoker

    Tecumseh recoil lighting coil for sale

    Wire needs to be repaired. $80 plus shipping or can bring to windber. If you want the shroud you can have it.
  15. thejoker

    Tecumseh H20 with waffle recoil for sale

    $225 plus shipping I also have a extra waffle recoil for it.
  16. David wulf

    Need new style Briggs 5 hp recoil and cup

    I'am in need of a new style pull start for a Briggs 5 hp and the cup that goes on the flywheel .
  17. markus

    Road Runner "Rat bike" recoil for Tecumseh

    Somebody my want this for a Rat bike, beat survivor build, or just display. Its a standard Tecumseh recoil starter. I did make sure the screw was not frozen, opened it up and lubed it. Has good rope on it and works well as it is. It is from a 1970 HS40 but fits many apps. Cool old school Road...
  18. Dr. Shop Teacher

    WTB--New style 3hp Briggs Flathead Recoil Shroud

    Anybody have a new style 3hp recoil shroud they are willing to part with? Have an engine with a vertical shaft shroud. Engine uses a cup for the recoil and NOT the clutch style. Thanks in advance!
  19. Daisy recoil

    Daisy recoil

    Daisy Recoil
  20. T

    49cc vinyl sticker for recoil 2 7/16" or 62mm

    Brand New- $7 These are gloss black circle with 49cc street legal in a dark red. They fit the recoil of the 6.5hp clones. I have it on a Gx clone, fits perfect. You'll notice in pic the front has a film that gets removed after you press it down. Located in CT.