Red Chinese Kart repairs

So my grandson has his own mini bike at my house but not his own go kart. I bought this red hoopty off of Facebook last week and started ordering parts. He is coming out for a week for Thanksgiving break. I knew it needed a throttle cable and a steering rack. I did get it to run last days off on carb cleaner. I also know it has bald tires. If I get it running good I'll go ahead and order tires.
I got the parts in and got on it this afternoon. Throttle cable ends fit good but was quite a bit too long. I cleaned the carb and tried to get it to run. It still won't run without starting fluid. I guess I need to do the carb again. Also I forgot step one and didn't get a new spark plug. I'll do that tomorrow to see how much that helps.
Any other tips to helping a little 110cc Chinese motor run? 20211106_122712.jpg 20211106_122707.jpg
I also picked up this Yamaha. I think it is a 100. I'll keep it in the shed this visit. Maybe next summer it will be ready for him.
So I missed the pilot valve. I didn't have a small enough wire so I skipped it the first time I had the carb apart. :confused: With it cleaned out it runs ok. Not good yet, I was trying to get it dialed in and not sure what us wrong still. Have to use choke to start it after the engine is warm. Any suggestions on how to tune it up?
So I moved to steering. My new steering rack is wrong. :mad: The old one has male splines on the column, and the new one has male splines on the rack. If I cant find the right one I could use an oversized piece of tube and drill through both sets of splines to couple them together. The new one also has bigger threads on the end bolts.
I'm still hoping to get this driving by next weekend.
20211114_220404.jpg 20211114_220453.jpg 20211114_220502.jpg 20211114_220512.jpg 20211114_220523.jpg
Well, I couldn't find the proper steering rack on the internet last week, so I kept this one and made it fit. I put a sleeve on the new one and just put a bolt through it. Then cut the shaft off and welded it in the adapter sleeve. I welded it with it on the kart so I could make sure the steering wheel was centered. The tie rod ends( or whatever you call the ends of the rack) were wrong. They were way too big. Luckily I was able to unscrew them and use the ends off of the old one in their place.
Steering done.
A little tuning up that took a long time to get figured out. I kept having to keep the choke on to get it to run. Now it restarts after it's been running without the choke.
So It says 15-40 oil on the tag. What kind of oil should I be using on this thing? Motorcycle oil? Any 15-40?
Tomorrow is brake test day. See if they will stop it.

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They're calling for a multi-viscosity 40wt. You can use any multi-viscosity 40wt.

If I needed a multi-viscosity 40wt oil for any engine and cared about quality and brand I would use 10W40 Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage synthetic blend. Mileage or hours on the engine wouldn't matter.

I spent the $8 a quart and got the motorcycle oil.
The brakes work good. I had a heck of a time getting it running right and driving. I couldn't test it in gear really until Jr was driving it. I just ordered a new carb from Amazon, it should be here Friday. Hopefully I can tune it in better than this one. 20211122_144644.jpg