Replaced Baja MB165 engine with a lifan 6.5 electric start.... Need Performance parts

And I found out its a really tight fit. I had to take the muffler protector off, and air filter cover off.

The gas tank cap/knob is centered, so you can't use it with the tank on. I will take the one off the original baja motor and use that if it fits the lifan. The metal tanks hang a lot lower. I have a new black plastic tank, but I want to get it all powder coated- it would be a pain to get the tank lacquer/enamel color matched to the powdercoat (I think) and expensive.

Now my question is:

To Alleviate the space problem with the stock filter, I was thinking to go performance upgrade with new air filter.

Can anyone recommend a good model for air filter?

Also, anyone ever use these mufflers with a baja and do they fit right?

OldMiniBikes has two models, one with a straighter pipe, and one not so straight. Does anyone know if this will fit under the seat of a baja with fenders?

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Negative. They do not make a header that will fit under the seat of a Baja Warrior. I have 3 Warriors and they are the odd man for performance parts. You will have to run one that exits along the outside of the frame. Any Air cleaner adapter kit should work on it just fine. They do stick straight out and do get in the way... The old tank should fit the Lifan as well. Here is a link to the Warrior compatible parts for you.

Warrior/MB165/200 Performance Parts

If you want to get the most enjoyment out of riding yours then add a Torque Converter to it. Makes a huge difference in performance.

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I ended up buying both a new air intake filter and a the exhaust pipe with silencer


I figure I will wrap it in that black heat tape to make it blend well into the theme of the bike.