Restoring/Rebuilding an old CCS Chopper - Looking for help & suggestions

Hey everyone, this is my first post here. Recently picked up a local barn find combo deal, 1 ccs chopper rolling chasis (w/ flat tires), 1 complete bike which is a K&S Hornet 2 Seater, a box of old parts and another old mini bike frame I haven’t been able to identify yet...first project I’m doing is the CCS Chopper, so as of right now that’s what I need some help with.
Took everything apart and started to prep the metal. Lots of old paint and rust, took a while but just finished the first coat of primer, got most of the rust off of the chrome forks/handlebars, still have to do the same with the sissy bars...the box of parts has 3 or 4 pairs of shocks that look like the ones that connect the seat to the frame so I should be able to put those on when the frame is done as well as the forks etc.
From here is where I’m going to need some help and knowledge... so starting with the wheels; I took the old flat tires off of the rims and it looks like they have tubes in them, I need to know what tires to order and if it’s possible to do a tubeless tire on these rims...I’m also going to need help with finding which sprocket set up will work as well as brakes...there seems to be very little info on the internet about these style chopper vintage mini bikes, even less info about this specific model (“Central Cycle Suppy Charger Chopper” I believe it is)
If anyone can point me in the right direction and help get me started on sourcing the right parts it would be greatly appreciated, I will have more questions in the near future when I get to deciding what engine to put on.
Thanks! Happy to be here!
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Nu star makes a copy of the long gone Carlisle 14x5.50 tire for their power pushers. They have a few different versions listed in thier parts, you just want the bare pneumatic one, not the foam filled. They price out at about $100 with the cheapest shipping IIRC.