1. E

    Vintage Bonanza Mini Bike for Sale near Denver, CO - $500

    I'm selling my vintage Bonanza mini bike. I bought this from a neighbor a few years ago, so I don't know much about it beyond what's shown in the pix. A lot of it looks original except for the 5.5hp engine which is in good running condition. Possibly a model # BC1200? This one is available...
  2. izzgnarly138

    What Is it?

    Just picked up this mini! Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
  3. izzgnarly138

    Aggie 98

    Hi All, I just picked up an Aggie 98 and would like so see some finished builds. Here are some pictures of mine. Thanks!
  4. Tote-gote

    Tote gote model 404

    I have this tote gote model 404 serial number 1526 that I am struggling to find parts for. If anyone can send me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Good Vibrations

    Band brakes / Clutch / Throttle help needed for this rookie

    Ok Folks, I'm in need of some input as to what I need and what is missing on this Little Gen mini I bought last weekend. Since I'm new to the mini bike world, please explain things in simple terms. LOL. So pictured is what I have. Per the original ad, when you push forward on the peddle that of...
  6. G

    Original Powell Challenger for Sale

    100% original gem for sale. Powell Challenger 100 mini bike. Serial number 2931-D. Even the torque converter belt is original. Not a rebuild-never dismantled or “wrenched” on. Gear teeth are unworn-all bolt heads throughout are perfect. Chain tensioners looked untouched. EVERYTHING works...

    Can anyone help me id this mini please ?

    Need help figuring out what kind of mini this is.
  8. Timmyturner1991

    Restoring/Rebuilding an old CCS Chopper - Looking for help & suggestions

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. Recently picked up a local barn find combo deal, 1 ccs chopper rolling chasis (w/ flat tires), 1 complete bike which is a K&S Hornet 2 Seater, a box of old parts and another old mini bike frame I haven’t been able to identify yet...first project I’m...
  9. Navynuke00

    Someone help

    I picked this up the other day for, and for the life of me cant figure out what it is, I have tried matching it to different tote goat frames but the fully round back bar is throwing me off, the other weird thing, ( and it may be aftermarket but idk) is it has a manual ho and low gear on the...
  10. lowpro

    Vintage clutch...basura?

    Hello ladies and gents. I had some time today to take a more in depth look at my recently acquired Sears/Arco. Upon removing the clutch cover I found an odd looking clutch. I googled and looked for matching photos. The closest I found was listed as a Columbia, but that could have been the...
  11. FunWithStuff

    Cat Switch Plate?

    I have recently found this while searching trough some parts. It is a Cat Switch Plate that I have been searching for to put on my JCPenney's Cat Duster MX mini bike. Previously, I had been wanting to buy one for the bike because I thought it was lost, but I had trouble finding one online. Does...
  12. FunWithStuff

    Black Star Rims on Cat Mini Bike?

    I have an HPE Muskin JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I have recently restored. It has black star rims on it, but I've seen photos of other Duster MX bikes (even though there are not many) and they have chrome star rims on them. I was wondering if these are aftermarket rims or genuine HPE...
  13. S

    Cyclops 500/580 Questions

    Hi there, I'd like to start out by saying I'm a bit new I've only restored a few bikes - so I have many questions. I picked up a cyclops 500/580, originally from conyers GA - it came modified such as no back suspension (flat bars instead) and a non original engine as you can see in the picture...
  14. what frame is this?

    what frame is this?

    this bike has a side car on the left and has been on display in a private collection for over 40 years and has never been ridden.
  15. J


    300 bucks have wheels also located marysville ca shipping is on u
  16. M

    Need Muskin Cat Single Fork Spring

    Need bolt and spring for fork to frame attachment. Spring is most important as I may be able to find the bolt elsewhere. If anyone has any ideas of where or how I can make the spring I’d appreciate it. Thanks!
  17. SIFUENTE31

    The Purple HORNET

    Picked this bike a week ago, and just started breaking it down. Its a K&S Hornet with a Rupp front fork. Plans are bringing it back to life with new parts and paint.
  18. JVarhol

    Replica Mini Bike Decals

    I design make and sell replica decals for mini bikes! Need a decal that you don't see? Contact me I can custom make most any decal No design Fee!!! I have the following Decals available: Most Decals are only $10 each! Super 8 Road Runner Trail Blazer Cheefta Montgomery Ward 525 (777 coming...

    Vintage Taco 44

    Pretty excited to start this one. Will do my best to make it a twin to my build off bike last year so I will be basically doing all the same steps. Seat from manchester1, burnished wheels from cambo61, original purple paint, and a nice rebuilt 80202 3hp Briggs.
  20. O

    Vintage ID help

    Anyone know what this beast is?