Rookie build (Help)

Looking to build a Baja style with a torque converter. Just purchased a Predator 212cc. Looking at a few used doodlebug baja frames. I have never built anything like this before. I do not weld. Not sure how to pick a converter and tires and wheels. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!
This should help if you are building a Warrior.

This should help if you are building a DB-30.

The Warrior is the larger of the 2 bikes. As far as wheels you will be far ahead finding a complete bike or at least a roller (missing just the engine). Parts add up in a hurry and make it cost prohibitive to build one from pieces. Unless you have a stock pile of parts already.....

Search the site as there are a lot of Warrior and DB builds on here. You can stretch them or hot rod them or just build a cruiser. As for a Torque Converter they can be installed on anything but you have a little more working room on a Warrior than a DB.

Sun-F makes a reasonable tire for the Warrior. And OldMiniBikes Warehouse sells the Torque Converter. Warriors use the 40-41 size chain and the DB uses 35 size chain. So make sure the TC has the correct sprocket to match your chain size. And plan to replace the TC belt with a Comet brand belt for best life.