Rts-sl brakes

I purchased a 1974 rts sl 340 and it has no rear brake calipers does anyone know where i could get them or see a picture of what they look like they are hydraulic have two bolt hole mounts and have plastic hoses not metal lines any help or pictures would be great


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If nobody posts pics, try the photos section. Search for alsport, TriSport, tri-state, etc. I believe there are some that show the brakes. Also the SL parts manual that is available has a grainy pic. You could also try searching for kelsey hayes 100 series. They were the original supplier.

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Well about the brake lines they are nylon and will work great and always have. Because of age it would not hurt to change the lines. As for mounting calipers the hard part is to make them float with the disc. The original calipers were made by Borg Warner and they didn't hold up as well as the should of. I went with Wildwood Calipers and they worked great. I used the original master cylinder and just replaced the O-ring You have to make your own mounts for the caliper.

Try Vintagetrikegroup.com Mark Saxom he reproduces several parts and I believe has a upgraded caliper. Also at one time RT21 Trading still listed them.
I can upload a pic of original set-up if you need.
I thank u all for the info i got on rt 21 website and found a pair with floating brackets calipers and pads but were talking 400 bananas with shipping i think the guy that did the kawasaki dual front caliper setup and i can fab my own brackets makes more sense i thank u all for the pics and info again and will post the outcome when i know which route im going to go


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Have you ever checked out small motorcycle disc brakes. They are cheap and can be mounted any way you want. Or brakes off junk snowmobiles some are cable and some hydraulic. I have picked them up for as low as $5.