Rupp Roadster2 restoration

12 Month restoration effort. Lots of help from new friends that I met through this journey. Special thanks to Black Widow Motorsports. Always admired the 71 Rupp Roadster in purple. Very blessed to have a wife that’s supports my dreams. 37F9812A-9176-483A-B13C-C3C4B6F73B1A.jpeg 1436AA29-AA3D-40EE-BF0C-55B17C36216E.jpeg 3018F5C8-D83F-4039-A48F-89B557CF3CA8.jpeg 59D686B3-8B8E-4D06-B986-C36EBA4E7CD3.jpeg



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Nice work great looking Rupp!

I had a purple 71 as a teen loved that bike rode the wheels off it. I have purple and green 71 Roadsters I restored them years ago I have done a bunch of resto-mods stuff to them over the years I will be restoring them again maybe next year they are timeless classics.