Rupp TT500 score. I have questions.

Can you explain the chain orientation better? Actually I was just rolling the bike around and the chain fell off. The master link had no clip and would not except a new clip so I installed a new master link.
Looking at your original picture compaired to the tank and guard it looks like all the chrome on that bike will clean up fabulously. That thing is going to be one Purdy ride.
Thank you. I have been working on cleaning it up. Keeping her all original. I just need a couple parts that looked to be replaced years ago that are not original.


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I see a bunch of elbow grease turning that bike into one clean machine.

Being in such good condition its odd those parts were replaced.

Those bikes had a style/look all too their own , definitely a nice find that any enthusiast would be proud too have it in their collection.
On my previous Rupp 2 speeds the link and it's retaining clip on the inside chain needs to face the engine and outboard chain link/clip need to face the chain guard. If the clips are installed on the chains facing each other the chains could bind due to the lack of space between the 2 chains.
Hope this helps.