Sears Puddle Jumper

Was lucky enough to score this Sears puddle jumper yesterday. It just had so much going for it that I had already been planning for my next build for a couple months now. And I thought it was pretty cheap for what it is at $150 .
1981 (I beleive) Sears Puddle Jumper aka "TETANUS" built for dirt oval track racing and fun recreational riding. Had planned on powder coating frame originally when started stripping the layers of paint off. Ended up getting impatient trying to get it to my powder coating hookup 3-1/2 hours away and had races coming up. So decided it was the perfect candidate to do a Rusty patina'd look on since I have been wanting to try it on something. Figured this was easier to try on first than my vw bug or vw bus. Had i known i was going this route i would have left a little more of the original orange paint behind but was to late by time decision was made. Forced the rust on the frame with a hydrogen peroxide, salt and vinegar solution. Started rusting within minutes probably. Let sit for 3 days roughly then knocked of any loose rust particles with scotch pad. Then nuetralized and sealed with a product called flood penetrol which also preserved its current state of rustiness giving it a clear coat type finish. Painted torque converter cover and flywheel cover to look rusty best I could using spray paint then clear coated them. Tried to re-use as much original parts as possible. After buying new fenders I managed to fix the original dented,cracked, fenders bent good enough I liked them better. Original wheels, seat just added some patching areas of an Eagle and USA that I robbed from one of my kids old leather jacket. I have the original tecumseh 4hp motor i plan in fixing up just to have and keep if ever decide to put back on or sell the bike. But for now installed my mildly built 212cc predator with a 22mm mikuni, bsp3 cam, 10.8 trick springs, complete governor removal, header, universal motorcycle muffler, new comet 30 torque converter with 3200rpm engagement springs, left 48tooth spocket it already had on it, tried installing a 72 tooth but luckily was wrong hole drillings, Installed new knobby dirt bike style tires, re-stenciled the 17 on the number plate, and rebushed and greased front suspension. Came out better than I expected even IMO. Just finished last week dau before the next races. Performs even better than expected as well. Top speed 62mph on my GPS app so far and will still wheelie and throw you off before you even knew you touched the throttle if not careful. By far the fastest and my favorite and funnest mini I have ever owned. Now I want another similar frame style min to build


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