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  2. owend

    Sears Puddle Jumper

    Selling a Sears bike not sure of the model. New tubes,rear tire, seat, spark plug,oil,clutch,chain, throttle,cables,brake lever,killswitch and nuts and bolts, Carb was rebuilt two years ago and has never had gas in it. Motor is a 3.5 Tecumseh, ran great and has correct throttle intalled. $400.00...
  3. tetaanus_9



    Weird long nosed frog in puddle

  5. danford1

    Sears Puddle Jumper, Fresh Restoration. $900

    Sears Puddle Jumper Minibike. Fresh restoration, modification and paint. Completed March 2017. These minibikes were made for Sears by Manco. They are high quality minibikes with front and rear suspensions. This one has Benelli hydraulic rear shocks added to it for a very smooth ride. MANY new...
  6. B

    Fresh pick 1980's something I think? Sears puddle jumper made by Manco

    Can't wait to get started on this bueaty! Been looking for a Vntage frame this style for my next build for awhile. Finally found one and at a price I thought was more than reasonable for what it is and what I want it to be. Last pic just for reference and direction I plan for this build. Just...
  7. B

    Sears Puddle Jumper

    Was lucky enough to score this Sears puddle jumper yesterday. It just had so much going for it that I had already been planning for my next build for a couple months now. And I thought it was pretty cheap for what it is at $150 .
  8. danford1

    Danford1's - Sears Puddle Jumper - (Vintage Open)

    This is my Sears Puddle Jumper entry for the Vintage Open Class. This is a fast minibike :-) It has a Briggs and Stratton Animal engine on it. Those have about 10 hp stock, with a couple easy mods it is about 12 hp. I plan to blast and paint it the factory Orange color, add a new gas tank, redo...
  9. C

    Sears puddle jumper/ Green streak gas tank

    Does anyone have or know of someone who has A gas tank for A Sears Puddle jumper/Green streak? I would really appreciate any help I could get, Thanks, Steve.:scooter:
  10. danford1

    Wanted: Kick stand for a Sears mini-bike, Green Streak, Puddle Jumper etc

    I actually need 2 of these... I'm looking for kick stands for a Sears Green Streak, Puddle Jumper etc. You can see the stand pretty good in the ad below plus I have a couple pics on my mini's. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it/them. Danford1
  11. G

    Sears Puddle Jumper in Orange Crush

    I bought this minibike serial number is 1960. I do not know much about this particular bike, it is all original and in fairly good original condition. Can you tell me what year it is? It hasn't run in 25+ years but the prior owner did run it dry. Turns over easily and brakes work etc. Going to...
  12. owend

    Sears Puddle Jumper

    I was supposed to have this done in time to ride at Windber, didn't happen. Just finished reshaping the header pipe from OND and remounting the chain guard from Chipper. Re-worked the forks slightly, thanks j-dogg and H.P! I still need to cut the brake & throttle cables, paint the pipe and some...
  13. gammatg

    1979 Sears and Roebuck Puddle Jumper/Orange Crush Refurb

    I picked up 2 of these bikes in a lot of Rupps that I bought. It's kind of hard to find information on them. They are similar to a Rupp but not as stout. They have a 4hp Tecumseh with a slanted intake. They also have the same wheels that where used in the 1970 10" Rupps, and the rear brake is...
  14. owend

    Sears Puddle Jumper

    I'm looking for a set of forks for a Puddle Jumper, 10 inch with suspension. The ones off of a Manco Thunderbird will work if anyone has them. Spacing needs to be at a minimum of 5 inches between the trees or can be a little over that by a 1/2 inch with a 5/8 shaft size. Thanks
  15. T

    2015 OldMiniBikes Build Off Entry .. 1981 Sears Puddle Jumper "Kandy & Surp.."

    How is everyone, congrats to the 2015 OldMiniBikes Build Off winners.. I had to drop out of the build off to take care of my father who passed from cancer.. I had a blast with the build, and I appreciate everyone for their tips and minibike build info.. Here are Pics of my build.. I also have riding and...
  16. brown boonie

    needed sears puddle jumper gas tank

    I am in mini.need of a gas tank for a sears puddle jumper. any one have a tank?:shrug:
  17. T

    Sears Puddle jumper

    It's a roller. No engine or fenders. The rest seems to be there. It needs a total restoring. $75.00 Pics coming soon. thanks
  18. Y

    update on puddle jumper

    Hey guys, been working on the puddle jumper. A little new paint and throttle. Only problem I see is, there's no room for the breather. Will the carb. run at this angle? What can I do to correct this? thanks Joe
  19. E

    Sears Puddle Jumper Brake

    I found this rolling chassis last summer and pretty much had everything around to make it an easy cheap project. This bike has a band brake on the rear wheel. My problem is I don't know what the cable housing anchor looked like. I can just make something up but I would like to see what was...
  20. lg_esteme_077