Seat mounting bracket for Coleman CT200U-EX

I bought a used CT200U-EX and the previous owner put an aftermarket seat on and removed the original seat mounting bracket. I have searched everywhere for one and can not find one. Anyone know where i can buy one? Thanks
Here's my bike. It's not "old" so i'm not sure if I'm welcome to post it here. Only thing I've done is remove the throttle stop screw and changed the rear sprocket to a 40 tooth. The seat looks cool, but it's not very comfortable and I want to go back to the original.



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You may have to make one for it. Coleman is showing that part is out of stock. If you ever order from them it may take weeks for the part to arrive.
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It's ok to post pictures of your bike here. There is a Coleman / Baja category that this would have fit better in but this is ok. For any posts about your engine you would use the Honda / Clone / Predator category.
Thanks for the info. I might try to fabricate one if I have time, but I went ahead and put in my email address for them to notify me when it comes back in stock. Thanks again for that link.
Just wondering, has anyone on this forum installed a Axis M200 seat on a Coleman CT200U-EX? It has what looks like the original seat on the CT200U-EX but has 2 springs mounted underneath. Wondering if you could just bolt it on, or would it require some welding. Thanks