Sebac shocks

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Just wanted too share how I removed the bottom eye on these nasty rusty crusty shocks without any tube damage.

I read a bunch on how others tore these down
And one of the few tools I dont have is a strap wrench so I had too improvise.

I had this old beat up an frayed lift sling laying around that I really should of discarded for safety sake so I didnt care if it got damaged further.
But really almost any old strapping should work as long as you dont mind some damage too it.

I looped the strap loosely around the shock tube twice with the loops side by side for more surface tension.
Then with some slack in the strap between the shock and vice i tightened the vice down on the strap. my vice jaws have some nice sharp teeth that were not nice too the strap.

You can see on the one shock my initial very lite snuggle in my vice left tooth marks on the dents just knurl marks.

Once the vice was tight on the strap i started twisting the strap by spinning the shock till the strap was super tight on the tube.
Then used my larger adjustable wrench i turned the eye right out very easily.

I had 3 others to do so I broke out the impact with a 1.125 sized socket to turn them off but really didnt need too.

Its amazing how stuck these get but once cracked loose how easy they turn off.

Anyway perhaps this idea might help someone else later on.