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Looks complete. You should part it out.

The only regret I have about the bike that you restored is that I didn't light it on fire and make a YouTube video to show you so please Stop stalking me like a female And get a life because if all you have to do is comment on every post I make it just goes to show That your character traits are about half as good as the way you build your Mini bikes I wasn't gonna say anything at all to you because you're not worth my time But if you think for 1 second I am scared to reply to you because of How high up you are on this group you got that wrong I tried very hard to sell the bike complete but no one wanted it But den again you did build it so I could imagine why therefore it got parted out so I hope you are done with this because the fact that I'm 32 an your like A 50-60 year old female id expect you to be more mature. And as far as I see it The only respect you ever will get is on this Mini bike page And if your type is a guy That gets a little bit of power because you manage a minibike page and thinks ure badd to the bone
Means nothing to me less than what that bike ment, man so please go eat a banana and hope of my


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I don’t manage a mini bike page. Also I do restore bikes and other than chrome and upholstery I do every other thing start to finish and will guarantee my finish is hands down superior you yours.
I wont even get started about him lol and im done with you man.

Just to make it clear I hated to part that bike out but I had no one interested and it was my last resort I buy and sell alot doesn't mean I don't like mini bikes. But don't think for one second I like to see complete bikes parted out it was the only way to recover my money at the time though. I just want to apologize for everything I said because I do have a good heart and don't want to upset anyone who loves the hobbie I love. I wish you the best and again I do apologize. I think this all blew up way to much of a stupid mini bike. I'm always willing to move on forgive forget and admit when im wrong. If there is anything I can ever do to help you out just let me know . I would never hold a grudge against anyone.