Small engine stands

Those are Wilton 301's are still manufactured today. The parts after the two bolts are fabricated aren't they? There's a couple on Ebay as well. That is a cool set up with the engine mounts! I'm admittedly partial however to my C clamps on my wooded work table, although it doesn't look nearly as cool!

One could easily fabricate a two-bolt mount to paint those forks and trees with this baby? Of course I wouldn't do it with an old one with the neat data plate. I let Gerry know about the ones on Ebay.
I couldn't run an engine on those Ole. Maybe an RC airplane engine. Gerry was looking for the vintage stands, and as far as the fixtures being sold by Tecumseh to augment the 301 work positioners, sounds reasonable to me. But it's a guess so far, unless someone has a Tecumseh special tool number.

Meanwhile, in the Tecumseh Service Tools Book on page 17, is a DIY Hardwood Engine Repair Stand drawing. :)


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That's really cool. Not sure I seen one of those before. I kinda remember @markus finding something like that.

the one I got from Tecumseh is just a display or final assembly type stand, Its just a lazy susan with some nubs that keep the engine in place, I never got one like pictured above, but about halfway through every engine I mumble to myself "this would be easier if it was mounted on a stand :)

My run in stand actually doubles as something I can clamp in my vice, I just cut the engine mount area off a frame I could not give away and welded some angle iron on it for feet. the positioner type stand would make life a lot easier for sure though!!!!

heres a vid of that Tecumseh turntable I did back when It came in with a parts order:



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I don't know what I would do without it rick, glade wet back and got it and the gentleman(les) sold it. he has been a get guy to us over the years. man does he know his john deere's.

also rick completely strip the old paint off of both stands and repainted them red and installed new hardware on them before using again......


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I pick up this pressure washer with this honda motor on it. thinking about making it a future engine stand out of it.. just mount a tank on it and also thinking about fabing up something on the rear of it where I can spike it into the ground(yard) keep it from moving around. also keep the wheels on it for easy transporting...



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Funny, I was just going to ask about some ideas for engine test stands and saw this thread. Specifically need for Tecumseh engines. Was also thinking about buying an old pressure washer, etc and convert for testing engines. Right now I'm using a craftsman work table (see pic) I converted but it vibrates and wants to walk away:rolleyes:.
Any other ideas appreciated.
Thanks in advance



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Notice Mr. Pink's design includes a convenient twist throttle. A must have. I mostly use my black & decker split top bench. It's not stable like the metal ones above, but makes for quick and easy mounting by clamping onto a couple lag bolts at the engine's corners. It'll walk as sure as a senior around a shopping mall, tho.
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