So I finally got a Hemi...Now what???

Went up to HF today and surprise surprise,they had a lone Hemi sitting amongst the 5 or 6 regular Predators. Now I wasn't looking to pick up an engine today but I figured I'd better grab it up while I could.Now after giving it a quick look over when I got home,I realized that I would need to swap out the gas tank with my old one cause the gas cap location is not conducive with fitting into a cat frame.It was then that I noticed that the Hemi tank is mounted differently then the old tank.Does anyone have a simple suggestion on the easiest way to mount the old tank on the new engine?I'm sure I will figure out some way to make it work but I figured I'd see if anyone else had done it.
Any of the Honda clone tanks mount right up. You will just need to find an off brand that had the cap located where you need it. Usually the older blue clones had them.
The HF by me only has Hemi's. I picked up one yesterday as well, and have the same gas tank issue with the Muskin I'm bringing back to life.
Switched out the gas tank,it was an easier solution then I thought.The old tank has 2 straight mounting bolts on the back and one horizantal bolt holding the tank in the front of it.The Hemi tank back mounting bolts are at an angle and it has the same bolt in the front.I took the old tank and set it on top of the motor and the straight bolts slid into the holes that the angled bolts would usually fit into cause the holes are pretty wide.Now you cant put a nut on the straight bolts cause of the angle of the bracket but as soon as I tightened up the bolt going into the front of the tank,the damn thing was solid as a rock.So I said "screw it" and left it at that.That tank aint going nowhere.Hope this made sense to....well someone,cause I'm not trying to exlplain it again :laugh::laugh::laugh: