So what's the largest tires practical with a 30 Series comet and 6.5 Predator?

I'm in the beginning stages of planning my next project and I think I wnat to build something with high ground clearance, large tires from 22-25" in diameter, a 6.5 Predator and a Series 30 Comet torque converter. Looking at some of the gear ratio calculators out there I know 18" seems to be the largest you would want to go for dune buggys and go karts. But what about minibikes? Are tires in the 22" -25" too big regardless of what jackshaft and gearing you have? I don't want to be busting TC belts when out in the woods on the side of a steep hill in the middle of nowhere.

Some thoughts on gearing with the large tires and TC would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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The super broncs as an example, with 8-10hp Tecumseh with the 30 series and 9 or 10 front sprocket to 60 rear works very well with 21/22x11 x8 tires.
The Coleman CT200U runs a 19 x 7 x 8, and I can tell you with a non hemi 212 and the 30 series with a stock sprocket, it has no problem at all, torque and speed. I would think it would handle an even bigger tire easily.