Something you don't see anymore

IMG_20230905_125704.jpg IMG_20230905_131302.jpg This crank needs to come out before the cam will come out. Line up the timing marks and they will come out together. The head is still on it, the piston is in it and notice the valve lifters didn't fall out on the ground.
I went in the garage to remove the drive from my rusty stuck junkyard submarine engine. It has been on the floor with automatic trans fluid in the cylinder for a month. Well it moved and it is not stuck anymore. That big pipe wrench did the trick.
I took that 5 horse starter drive to put on this 5 horse crank. It didn't fit either.
All back together. Time to put it on the power hoe.I plan to pressure wash it tomorrow and figure out what to use for a front wheel. I have 30 at oil for the engine. I think that's what is going in that gearbox too. IMG_20230905_145349.jpg
Well, after physically lifting it up, removing that WATER FILLED tire, and bolting the hub back in the other way, I gave up trying to get the axel back into it alone. Remember when I said I need to put a front tire on it? Make that TWO FRONT TIRES.
This is what I recovered. There was a flat bar welded on one side with a bolt to hold one front wheel. These two square head set screws were sued to adjust the height and width, roughly. IMG_20230907_121929.jpg
IMG_20230907_131510.jpg This is a sweep. It digs into the ground from 1/4 inch to maybe an inch. It pulls weeds out of the ground between the rows in a garden and pushes some dirt toward the good plants. There is an adjustment for it's angle of attack above the blade. This thing will dig trenches with a different blade bolted onto it. The DEPTH of cut if adjusted by the front wheels and the guy walking behind it. IMG_20230907_131510.jpg