Steel in Motion, Union Dragway, Union, SC

Just wanted to post this up for those who might like to attend. They have a swap meet, drag race, car show, bicycle show and a minibike show. Went last year and it was worth the trip. There were several minibikes in the show and quit a few for sale. Don't think I can make it this year unless we go on Friday. Unfortunately I will be in a metal class on Saturday and Sunday..... :doah:

Here's the link.

Steel in Motion | Hot Rods and Guitars
Thanks for the info. I plan on checking this out.
Its a decent show, I think you will enjoy it. Lots of interesting stuff and interesting people dressed in period attire. Most folks make a weekend event out of it and camp out. I hate that we cant go on Saturday this year but we are going to try and make it on Friday if we can.