1. markus

    late model POINTS steel flywheel for tecumseh small frame 3-5hp wanted

    Looking for a Late model points ignition steel flywheel. Part numbers I do have (but these may only apply to ones without starter rings) are 611024 and 611026 These were mostly used October 1980-around probably october-ish of 1985. They would be found on H30 H35 HS40 and HS50 engines and even...
  2. Sixpac440

    Who sells a Hub for a Steel wheel ..

    I am interested in RHOX RXAL 18x8-8 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires and 8" White Steel Wheel Combo | Golf Cart Tire Supply Where can I find a hub for my Heald? It will use a 5/8" axel ...
  3. L

    Ported 22cc clone head, 27mm Intake, 24mm exhaust, ss steel valves, 26lb springs +++

    22cc clone cylinder head, will fit on predator non-hemi Fully Ported and Bead blasted Milled 65 thousandths to increase compression Lightweight Stainless Valves 27mm intake 24mm exhaust valve Aluminum retainers and Split Keepers with stainless valves. 3 angle valve job Lash Caps 26lb...
  4. hotrodricky

    WTB 5" 2 piece steel wheel

    Looking for a 2 piece 5 in. steel wheel that resembles the Lil Indian steel wheel.
  5. markus

    Steel Wheels Deal 4" 5" 6"

    some wheels and tires for sale specs/prices below photos: 4" fronts 4 3/4" hub 3 1/4" lip to lip Old stock (stole the tires off them) scratched up but never in service $10 each 4" rears 60 tooth 35 pitch 7" hub 3 1/4" lip to lip same as fronts (new take offs)...
  6. bikebudy

    Stainless Steel sissy bars

    Hello OldMiniBikes fellow members, I'm making a CAT sissy bar for one of our OldMiniBikes Members. While I'm at it, is there any other members with a request? I make CAT Slingshot 70.00 Eliminator/Dominator 75.00 Duster 80.00 & Hustler 85.00 Sissy bars Prices listed are last years prices, the price of...

    Steel in Motion, Union Dragway, Union, SC

    Just wanted to post this up for those who might like to attend. They have a swap meet, drag race, car show, bicycle show and a minibike show. Went last year and it was worth the trip. There were several minibikes in the show and quit a few for sale. Don't think I can make it this year unless we...
  8. P

    5" plain steel rear wheel, with sprocket sears roper? its new

    this is a 5" diameter wheel, the center hub is 7" wide, I believe it is new, painted silver 45.00

    Wanted - DB30 steel fenders

    I see pics of lots of DB30's with out fenders. Does anybody have a set that they would part with? I at least need a front as mine is missing. The rear is bent slightly and I can straighten it if I have to. Need a rear chain guard too. Let me know what you have. Thanks, FOMOGO
  10. diggers

    5" Steel wheels

    Got a total of four 5" Steel wheels for sale looking for $10pc plus the ride. PayPal is fine, be a friend or add the fees :laugh::thumbsup:Thanks
  11. Aircooled

    Aluminum vs. steel sprocket

    Just a quick question in regard to using an aluminum or steel rear sprocket. I'm getting ready to order a new sprocket along with a few other parts. Which is the better choice? I'd like to change out the 74 to a 60 tooth sprocket. Preparing to install the Predator engine. Thanks for your...
  12. briggs666

    wtb lil Indian/ruttman rear 4in steel wheel and sproket

    4in steel rear wheel with sproket ruttman or lil indian i understand there the same:smile::smile:
  13. markus

    4" steel wheel set with sprocket

    4" one piece steel wheel set, chips and scratches in thin paint but never put into service, standard bearing size 1 3/8" hub diameter. Front has 4 3/4" spacing, rear has 7" total with space to shorten if needed. #35 chain 60 tooth count $20 plus shipping, looking like around the $15+ or...
  14. weldkingoc

    Powell steel front rim half

    Steel side of powell challenger front wheel $10 plus shipping PM me for email and i can send pics tomorrow
  15. B

    CAT Eliminator clutch cover brackets. Exact Reproduction. With Stainless Steel screwa

    $30.00 for the pair includes shipping to lower 48 states. Exact reproduction of the Cat Eliminator 1 hole and 2 hole brackets. Sure can be used for other Cat models as well. They are a very correct repro. Tapped and comes with 3 Stainless Steel screws not show in photo. These are as good as it...
  16. PacMule

    Sins of Steel 2016 Davisburgh,MI.

    June 4th 2016 Rat Rods,Pinup Girls and Dirt Racing Minibikes!! Whos Going??
  17. jeep4me

    Trailhorse/Trailblazer Steel Fenders

    Pulled an original set of trailblazer fenders off from the bike I just picked up last week. I'm fine with making a set on my own for the bike. These are fairly crusty and rusted, the chrome is completely gone. But, there aren't any cracks in them and they are solid. Includes the spacers...
  18. Sixpac440

    #40 Stainless Steel Roller Chain

    How well will this hold up to regular use in dirt, wet ect? Here is a couple links ... Donghua® ANSI #40 SS Stainless Steel Roller Chain, 10 Ft With 1 Connecting Link, Single Strand, Corrosion Resistant Material, Durable In Harsh Elements: Industrial & Scientific...
  19. markus

    steel wheel ID needed

    Got these one piece 6" steelies, have that 4 bolt rectangular bolt pattern for the sprocket (35 pitch 72t), and also a used a band brake drum n the outside of the sprocket. Any idea's what used them? They have a small "hump" to them in the middle and the front wheel hub is equal and inset a...
  20. 125ccCrazy

    8x4 or 8x5 steel wheel

    looking for a plain steel wheel that's 8"x4" or 8"x5" with 1 3/8 bore for standard bearings with equal or nearly equal offset side to side..