Stoked! Refurbished Clutches!

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

I know all of you have probably done this a bunch of times but this was a first for me. I have purchased 2 mini bike projects in the last few months. One Nova and recently a Cat.

Both of them had Max Torque clutches on them. One looked "decent" and the latest one looked like it was on the Titanic! Took them all apart, cleaned them up, both have a TON of life left on them!

I wire wheeled all the parts, even went as far as to de-burr the edges of the shoes. Painted them with Duplicolor Ceramic Engine paint, applied a extremely thin layer of high temp grease in all the right spots, then ended up with these!


Really happy I did a bit of research instead of just buying something new! Funny thing is the clutch that looked horrible was pretty much next to new! Barely used!
I guess I made things WAY too easy on myself. I laid the shoes in place and used masking tape around the contact edge. Then installed the stock spring. Everything went together super easy. Installed inner plate, replaced clip, removed tape, done.
Just did one yesterday...put that green spring in a newer clutch...less than an hour on it...seems better...only test ride was about a block...getting wimpy in my old age...90s too hot for fun....
I don’t want to hijack a thread but here goes...I’ve always had trouble with the heat...WV has to be the worst...I go through 2-3 shirts on a normal day at work...been that way since I can the army sends me to Louisiana...I melt...then in their infinite wisdom they send me to South America....the only thing I can imagine worse was the gates of hell...then I made my way to Texas....I found hell....