Strange bike I’m restoring.....what is it?

Very possible it was modified. Came with an old 2hp Briggs that I’m having rebuilt. My boss remembers something similar in Vietnam they used for flightline support at the base in Da Nang.
If I was betting man, I'd lay odds that you have a highly modified version of a Cushman. Look at the old models from around 1948 to get a sense of what I am referring to. It also looks like you have an Albion transmission, which was used in Cushmans. Of course that 2HP engine would not have been used on any Cushman, and wouldn't be a good choice for that bike, but more a choice based on what was available. (I'll bet it still has enough power to move the bike at low speed ratio)
Thanks I’ll research the Cushman. I was going to swap the 2hp motor for something bigger but the bike is so tiny nothing else would fit. I’ll use it to put put around the ranch here. Blasting and powder coating it this weekend
Something I meant to comment on from a personal point of view, is that I think it's really neat when folks chose to restore whatever it is, as it is, especially when the piece represents a vintage part of "Americana." I hope more knowledgeable people than me chime in with what it is, but definitely I hope you continue to post the photos as you get it restored.
There's an unrestored trail tractor on craigslist NH and it doesn't look anything like your bike. I have idea if there were different models or not. Your bike is pretty cool regardless! good luck on your build


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have you tried getting the paint off the decal on the headtube? Its not an easy task but you may be able to get find enough original script on it with careful (very, very careful) removal of the blue paint to maybe help figure out a manufacturer.