Tecumpseh Engine Color

I'm working on a Tecumpseh H35 -

Does anyone know what the closest white to the original color you can get in a spray can is?

thanks in advance...
What I found researching old posts when I needed paint is Dupli Color Dover or Arctic white sold in spray cans at most auto parts stores including AutoZone. I also used a clear coat.
Hope this helps
There is a great write up on pinrepair about rebuilding tecumseh engines....the guy suggests rustolieum appliance epoxy in almond color as the white is too brite....the appliance epoxy is resistant to gas and oil once completely dry
I use honda passport white. Paint code W101. I spray automotive base coat / clear coat. This is a hardened clear and is oil and gas resistant. Color holds up good. This bike was painted in 2011. Motor has darkened alittle since then but there are a few miles on it to