Tecumseh H70 throttle control assembly

Does any one have any of the parts I would need to connect a throttle to a H70? Specifically the bracket that mounts to the flywheel cover, and the lever that mounts below it.

Thanks, Tim
I do ..$500 and I will throw in the motor for free :deal:

I actually have had good success with the snowblower linkage as well. I left it on a couple of the H70's I had and it worked good


james c

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piece of cake! you only need one little part from any lawn mower shop or lowes.
also sold at OldMiniBikes parts here on the site. it holds the cable on the throttle linkage. it costs about two bucks at the most with shipping
I have an old 70's HM80 cover with mini bike correct throttle assembly.. It's got one dent in the side but I can make that vanish entirely.. 20 bucks plus shipping.. :shrug:

Theres been a lot of that going around lately.. :laugh: I guess ya can't get them anymore.. :shrug:

H40- 100 minibike and some rototiller and tractor motors used them.. You can unscrew the bracketry from any shroud, but will need to drill holes and lock nut the parts back onto whatever shroud ya have... :shrug:

I don't have any extra of these throttle systems at this time.. :mellow: