The Jacked Up & Modified Flexo / GKC Thread

The Go Kart Cycle / Flexo. Spawn of the go kart racing scene and one on the earliest true mini bikes to be mass produced. The original "pit bike".

Perhaps no other mini bike has suffered more indignities at the hands of shade tree mechanics, backyard engineers and "the kid who borrowed his dad's hacksaw and stick welder".

Some are subtle mods such as the common neck gusset, executed in the name of safety. Others...well let's just say only pictures can describe them.

I thought it might be fun to round them all up into one place.
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The ever popular "jack up the top rail to fit a Briggs" mod. So many of these bikes are found this way I was beginning to think it was done at the factory.

This is an interesting ad because it shows what appears to me to be a factory "jacked up" frame being sold with a Briggs. Not to be confused with the Super Flexo which was made taller to accomodate the 4 strokes. This looks like a standard Flexo frame and the top bar sure looks arched to clear the motor.


Flexo bend.png
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