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If this bike was far more gone, the re-do would make sense, but it's "too much there".

Now these days, most people call "patina" something with more rust than paint. This is just lightly peppered for the most part.
Looks like it was stored in a slightly humid space or just with a roof over it maybe.
Its pretty amazingly solid. The small rust areas were just where it got its bumps and bruises. The tires hold air. The band break was trashed. The motor looks good. Took the head off. Piston was pretty clean. Valves as well. Ordered a replacement carb, points and condenser & new head gasket. Will change the oil, add a new plug, replace the fuel line.

Then I will just reassemble and see what the market is.
So I got the little 2.5hp running last night. Seems to run pretty darn good. I replaced the head gasket, the carb, the plug, the points & condenser and the fuel line. Took a little tweaking but I got it running well. After of course I found a hairline crack in the original gas tank and made a mess. Luckily I had a spare tank.

New sprocket on. New band brake, new controls, new chain and a cleaned up but "barn find" motor ready to go. Its just assembly time now.