This engine is insane!


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I want one, I need One, Gotta Have It!

My 5HP Briggs has Piston Envy! :doah:

Wanna put it on a Rupp frame! :eek:ut:
Someone needs to put this in their mini, and take it to the bonneville salt flats.

"No officer there is no way I was going 110 its only 49cc, see how little it is" :wink:
My God!I thought 8hp on my DB30 was too strong.Anyone brave enough to stick this motor on a DB30?:doah::eek:ut:
some of the guys that MDB races with have motors putting out close to that much. he said unless you weigh over 300 pounds you shouldn't even get on one.

he posted about them in some thread recently.


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The horsepower is easy to handle. Just because it has a high HP reading doesn't mean much. The motor takes off mild and comes on a little at a time until it's at full power.

A 40hp regular 4 stroke motor is a lot more scary. The extra Torque you get is what break stuff apart.

You guys out there with TAV should know that standing still then punching it is harder than cruising and punching it.


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you nailed it, that thing has a nasty bite. after one week with the clutch then put the tav back on it threw me off.
That's how a big modified 4 stroke motor works. The torque is hard to handle off the starting line. But once your already moving it's easy.

That kart motor does make real good torque as well. But not crazy tearing your frame apart torque like say a big jr dragster motor that may make the same power.
Its 294cc but it looks smaller because it is a rotary and it has more power than a stock 1600cc air cooled vw bug engine Wish i had Jay Leno's finances.