Throttle Assembly... Need a Little Advice


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I'm having trouble figuring out where this metal bar/wire goes. A little while back I ordered a predator throttle assembly kit because I thought I would be getting a predator engine. Turns out I was wrong and got a Honda GX200 instead. The bracket still fits but I do not know how to connect the metal bar to the actual throttle lever. Some help please IMG_6550.jpg ? IMG_6549.jpg



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Not sure what you are trying to do there. Will you be running the engine governed? The governor throttle rod and tiny return spring are still there along with the throttle spring. It looks like you bought the kit for an engine with the governor removed. It appears that the stock throttle linkage does not have the hardware to connect the throttle cable to. I see where you could secure the cable sheath (right by the spark plug wire in the picture) but no way to attach the cable.

Looks like you would only need one piece to connect your throttle cable to the governed engine. Or remove the governor, governor arm and all it's linkage. Then the loose rod in the pictures would get measured to fit properly into the black plastic throttle on the carb where the governor rod and spring are currently connected.

Looks like it is sitting at full throttle in the pictures.
There is usually a wire swivel on the OEM Throttle assembly where those three holes are, that's where the rod goes through and gets attached.