Thunderbolt 200mc


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Picked up this rough 200mc in early spring and instantly thought what a cool bike although it looks like another fairly straight forward rusty project my biggest problem so far is the absolutely roached fuel tank.

Anyone know if this tank was exclusive to this bike or if it was used on any other bikes?
knowing might help my search.


That's a shame about that tank. I'll be watching this thread because I also need a tank for my Thunderbolt. What size are your wheels? Mine has a 16 inch front and a 14 inch rear. I have a speedway tank I will probably end up using for mine


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Crazy how the roof caved in and is real thin but the rest seems really solid even though it was filled to the top with flakey crusty rust when I got it.

Be nice if a tec tank would fit within the frame then a cosmetic fix would be easy.

This thunderbolt has 16" front and rear wheels.
I've considered a speedway tank as the frames look so similar and it's probably a decent look/fit.

Super flea,
I've heard of the herters bikes on here but cant say ive ever seen one in person, a quick search and certain models definitely look like the same tank, thanks for that info.

This 200mc is a completely different bike from my 198mx bike even though they look so similar.
Is the bottom of the tank as bad as the top? I wonder why it rotted out on top...
If I were guessing, I'd say it sat for years and years with about 3/4 tank of gas. It probably had condensation in just the top causing it to excessively rust the top. Over time it developed the holes allowing the rest of the gas to evaporate rusting the rest of the tank. The lower section of the tank hasn't had a chance too catch up(rust out)to the top. I top off all my small engines in the fall so there's no air space.


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BTW Reteks also used that tank.
Another mini I've only even seen on here.

I'll get that measurement tomorrow, i shoulda did that first too help identify it.

I could just fill it up through one of the many quick flow vents instead of unscrewing that pesky fuel cap.

Mr sparkwizard those chrome tanks reminds
me of destro


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I did see that tank on ebay, the pin holes near the seam scared me.

Mount holes appear to be 9.75 on center, they are clover leafed holes and appear to be stamped not drilled.
And for giggles 13" long tunnel.

Peanut tanks were way to common in the 70's , the model slips my mind at the moment but I saw a HD tank that looks very similar.

Pic I found on here. This retek is a cool looking bike, that's certainly the tank.