What do you recommend for a front tire I'm not buying the 145-70-6 tire I ride a majority off road but quite a bit on road .what would be the best 15-6-6 tire for the front .thanks
There is a 15x6x6 turf saver, and it would be fine on the asphalt. I love my snow hogs. There are some more aggressive tires called the xtrac, I think. If you're mostly on the street and around the lawn, go with turf savers. If you're on the trail at all, I'd go snow hogs. If you're only on the trail, I'd go xtrac. Just my opinion.
Also is there a tubed tire I want one with a tube it's easier to get on the rim and less likely to get a small leak in it (my rear tire has a very small leak)
I used Carlisle Turf Saver 15x6-6 on my old Racer. I had to shave the rear brake caliper a bit but they rode excellent and looked cool when I painted the letters white. bike3.jpg bike.jpg


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i recently got 2 rear tires swapped out as well. & I do like them , Called Kenda Super Turfs' their wider, and have a fair tread style for on & off road
i too filed down the rear caliper to fit my tire as well.
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