A couple of months ago while drilling through some 1/2 inch aluminum with a hand drill clamped in a vice, the bit got caught and decided to make an attempt at my fingers... Went right through my glove got my knuckle! Opened up an old scar, no big deal there :laugh:


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Brand new rattle cans make good tree ornaments when there is no friggin air in them. Threw as hard as I could. Shoulder very sore today. Thats what I get for not warming up first.
I bought a cheap wire wheel cup from harbor freight and that thing made you look like a porcuipine after using it, NEVER AGAIN!!! I will pay the extra and buy a dewalt cup every time from now on. I had one fly off and went through the knee of my jeans into my knee and i kneeled down to pick something up and drove it deep in my knee, had to use pliers to get it out. Cheap is not always good!!!
I was on a job and there was a guy drilling a hole in concrete with a big TE25 Hilti hammer drill,well the trigger must of been stuck because when the bit grabbed a hold of some rebar that drill commenced to winding up the cord around it... all by itself. He's lucky he didn't get hurt.
Another usefull method is speeding up the drying time on paint with a propane torch and the rag with paint thinner on it to try and put out the flames!!!!!!!! lol