Totally tubular Nomad 72

Picked up a Nomad 72 the other day, in good shape with HF engine. New tires. Think the dude I got it from is a member here- Gigman. Awesome guy, small world.

Gonna quasi-restore it and have fun riding the everloving crap outa it. Cleaning it, pics to come. Went over a bump today and now the bike won't go unless on full choke. Must've dislodged something in the carb cause the drivetrain rolls freely, the toroidal cones move as they should, and the chain/gears are not caught up.

Guess I'll start with cleaning the carb. Will update progress.
Pulled the carb, disassembled, soaked in CC and reassembled. Made new gaskets for the mating surface on the head and the plastic air filter housing. Runs like a champ now. On to get new brake bands.

On a side note, why is carb cleaner magnetically attracted to eyeballs?