1. myjunk

    NOMAD Mini bike question

    So I'm going through this guys yard and I see this old mini bike. The front says NOMAD The snow company Omaha Nebr. Most likely a 1960sMini bike? I know nothing about this brand, can somebody tell me a little history about them, and should I go back and buy it for $30? ( I know I probably just...
  2. B

    Finicky nomad

    This nomad. When it goes, it's fantastic fun. But then the brakes always go out and I almost die. How do I get the bands to adjust so that they stop the bike? I'd like them to lock the wheels. Also, the comet torque converter is sticky and as a result sometimes the bike takes off on its own. Any...
  3. countstevula

    Baka Nomad trike parts...rear end, front end, wheels and more

    All prices do not include shipping. PayPal plus 3%. Ships from MI 49401. Rear end, spins good. Most hardware loosened, some set screws stripped. Sprocket junk. Peerless 158 gear box, universal joints stamped "Spicer". $125 Rear wheels, arco brand and holding air, minimal...
  4. B

    Totally tubular Nomad 72

    Picked up a Nomad 72 the other day, in good shape with HF engine. New tires. Think the dude I got it from is a member here- Gigman. Awesome guy, small world. Gonna quasi-restore it and have fun riding the everloving crap outa it. Cleaning it, pics to come. Went over a bump today and now the...
  5. Mean Dean

    Nomad Sno Cats

    I have two Nomad Sno Co's or cat's what I call them. These are good projects just missing motors on One. The other just a few pieces and the motor. Real Nice original paint and seats, wheels etc. These used Ruttman 4 Spoke Mags on the front. They are nice. $185.00 and $165.00 I can deliver to...
  6. countstevula

    Baja Nomad Trike Project

    Selling a baja nomad trike project. Rolls OK, tires should probably be replaced though. See the pictures for condition, unlike in the pictures, no seatback gas tank is included. Currently does not have an engine bolted in. Could include the original 8hp tecumseh if desired (condition...
  7. S

    70's Snowco Nomad in good ol SC

    just got signed up with the forum, just enjoying looking at all the projects goin on and thought i would show mine off! I got a Snowco Nomad. Unsure of the year I think 78?? got the serial number pictured so if anyone can translate please do. it is driven with a 7hp tecumseh and a comet 20...
  8. S

    70's Snowco Nomad in good ol SC

    I am from South Carolina and just been looking around trying to meet people who know a little on small engines and maybe find a little info on where to get some parts. I acquired recently a Snowco Nomad. Never heard of it or the company and am trying to get a little history on these trikes. Its...
  9. 70sVintageTrikes

    Snowco Nomad 7HP Model

    Well I got home a couple hours ago from the wonderful blizzard in MN. and IA.!! The 15 hr trip became 36hrs after we gave up around northwood Iowa. It took us 3 hrs on I-90 to go 65 miles! Most of the time on I-35 you could not see 5 ft in front of van. I was driving with driver window down...
  10. 70sVintageTrikes

    Dune Cycle, Tri Scat, Nomad

    Im looking to buy a A.P.E Dune Cycle, Snowco Tri Scat, Snowco Nomad. I would like it to be somewhat complete. I live in Nebraska so a couple states away is still close! Please Pm Me if you have one of these three that you would sell.......Thanks Kellen:thumbsup: