Tote Gote BearKat motor plate question.??

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Im hoping somebody will know about this BearKat motor plate,Richard or Davis...

What the heck goes in the large circle on all 4 corners and how would we install them?
My guess is 4 large rubber mounts?

The motor plate does not come out of the bike ?
Saturday Im going to grab a older 70s Briggs 7hp but now need to get this problem resolve. ..


It has always puzzled me how Bearkat and Twister assembled the rubber motor mounts. I haven't built one myself, But I imagine they found a way to weld the parts without burning the rubber isolators. View attachment 254145
while I salute Bearkat for their efforts in sound and vibration technology... the system is un necessary.... I flat plated mine and ended up with endless motor / size options... then again, I'm only considered a purest when the bike is too cherry to go any other direction.. mcmaster carr or grainger may have your rubber insulators...