Tote Gote Newbie Questions

Hello all. Just bought a "Restored" Model 600 Gote, not sure the year has a fairly high serial #2768. Has a 1968 7hp briggs and doubt it's the original engine, but who knows. Got it running last night, runs good and surprisingly fast (just about outruns the dog).

00606_567eWlMrJZ9_1200x900.jpg gote muffler.jpg

So couple questions:

1. Engine mount isolators available? Or something like shock absorber bushings work. And do these old briggs shake like a wet dog (alot)
2. Carb main jet adjustment seems very sensitive, like a 1/2 turn either way and the motor dies. Got it idling good, but bit of a high speed miss also. Installed a new plug and not sure what's been done to the motor in the past.
3. Pictures of stock looking mufflers. Need something way less noisy. Did the stockers shot out the back or maybe straight down?
4. Anyone fit a 5.7x8 tire on the back. Not a big deal, probably go with 4.8x8 Carlisle stud tires recommended on this site.

First minibike since about 1978, blow up the engine overreving it with no chain. Live and learn. First pic craigslist ad, not my car. Thanks for any help.
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Thanks for the reply. I can see why people extend the exhaust out the back, enough heat under there now. Tempted to buy a new carb off amazon, half the price of a simple carb kit. Then just save the original carb rebuild it later. Hoping a kind mod will fix my post, pics got messed up. Thanks, Ed
Took the carb apart, clean as could be. Figured it was when I saw the main adjuster was new. Running better, still a bit of a miss under full load. Might be the because it's like 110 degrees in phoenix. Going to try new isolators first since they are about gone. Maybe do the timing key and points when the weather cools off. I don't think it has many hours on since it was restored and has a new flywheel. It did sit on the Persian rug (not mine) for 5 years.
One more question, how do you lube the jackshafts? I thought there was some kind of oilers in the middle of the shaft (see muffler pic), but they are welded shut. Not sure what those are.


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If you have a condenser, check it out or replace it. A miss a high RPM could be the condenser. Don't forget to try a new spark plug as well.
Fittings on jackshafts are to hold the rear fender/splash guard. The only way to lube jackshafts is to remove them. There may be no points or condenser, many of these 7hp motors have the 'Magnatron' pointless ignition.
model 400 rear fender.jpg
Took off the side grate and there threaded holes on top of the pedestals, looks like a fairly piece to make.. Oh high speed miss is more of a surge, so wondering if I'm bouncing off the governor. Got all the parts ordered, just need time...