Tote gote Parts

I have a model 300ish (I think). Found at the scrap yard. I have pulled what I need off of it, but someone here may need what is left. Everything has some various stage of rust.

Front forks-shocks work really well surprising, there is a dent on the left side, but they are straight 50+shipping

Foot Pegs-one pair 20+shipping (SOLD)

Double jackshaft set-up-rusted, but with some love could work well-35+shipping

Motor-I believe is 3.5 hp Briggs, turns over have not had time to see if it has much in the way of compression 35+shipping

Motor Mount-needs to be repainted, but appears to be straight 20+shipping

Wheels- good shape but like everything else needs help-both 30+shipping
Tires are trash

Paypal is preferred
Sorry no photo the uploader won't work for me tonight. I will try again tomorrow

PM me with questions/what you need:thumbsup:
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Yeah I did. Then I picked up a Dune Gote and forgot all about everything else. Sorry. I have a picture or two, but they are big. I am too lazy to compress them down. PM me your email and I will send the pics.