Tote Gote?

Just bought this and appears all original except the seat? I have checked the steering tube and engine mount areas and no sign of a stamped serial number anywhere. Looks like the same type throttle as on my Yard Marvel Mountaineer. Deepco clutch, front and rear brakes and an extra row of upper perimeter tubing. Is this the VS Model or an early prototype?
850C3604-5E08-4B54-9E96-4BE8D85E1FB0.jpeg ED883762-2A20-4BA9-AC80-1EEA428F52F0.jpeg A31A7E4B-3007-4C69-B6CD-AD5C96A805B4.jpeg 4B20A720-E2D9-4F01-AF30-8537761EFAD8.jpeg 31F29D5A-86AA-4DCD-889C-7D840966A00D.jpeg 4EC6BB35-2337-4657-9A05-74F27A2053DD.jpeg C9C85779-1B21-4F3D-BB1A-F8956E777547.jpeg 949506F0-07A0-40F7-BB23-3880BE81969F.jpeg 30AF1ABC-5272-4987-AE72-9AF6EFC953A5.jpeg
Thanks for the help. Upon closer inspection the welds on the buddy pegs are not as clean as welds on he rest of the frame and chipped paint on the luggage rails reveal galvanized pipe substrate as opposed to rusted steel on the OEM frame. Should be easy to get the motor operational, have the correct seat made and leave it in its current patina state since in decent shape. The literature and photo you provided really helps. Thanks again