Triple Trees Done

Hey everyone. I designed my trees last night, and cut them a few minutes ago. Here is a picture. They are CNC plasma cut on my CNC table. The fork holes are cut to .05 inches over 1" to allow the tube to slide through without forcing it. The neck bolt is cut .05 over 5/8" for the same reason. Let me know what you think.
Hey Qucifer

Looks great! I might be able to use your services sometime. I like to build custom stuff. But if i was you, i wouldnt use those cheep wheels or tires.

Custom is what we do, so feel free to email me with questions anytime.
As far as the tires are concerned, I know they are cheap, $4.99 at harbor freight :thumbsup: . I plan on building a rolling chassis around them, but i will replace them with better quality for the finished product. They have low speed bearings pressed into the hubs, good for hand trucks, but for mini bikes :eek:ut: They are an extra set that I have laying around. I try to pick some up whenever they are on sale.


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hey Qucifer,be carefull of using the harbor freight rims for a moch-up too. they can be little smaller in width then reg-minibike rims? make sure you give yourself little room.
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I did leave a little space for a slightly wider tire. I actually looked at a set of plans that 5hpbriggs reccommended, and went alittle wider than what those reccomended. I will bend up the forks today and take pics.
Okay, so I started making my forks, and needed a way to attach the front wheel to them, so rather than smash the ends in the press, I devised these cool weldments instead. IMO alot faster than the good old smash and drill technique. Attached is a pic of the wheel tabs, and the triple trees tacked to the fork tubes.:scooter:
Ok, the forks are prototyped and ready to weld. Here are some pictures. The lower support would be a place to mount a fender or a light depending on where you mount it along the tubes, and wether you mount it at all. I might leave it out of my design, or use it as bracket to mount a spare gas can to.
Hey Qucifer

Looking good! Man i wish i had a plasma cutter! I would love to be able to make bends like that, or cut thick plate! Keep the pics coming!

Hey thanks for the feedback. I will be starting the frame sunday, I will take pics of the progress and post them. Keep in mind guys that all the flat parts I cut out are available to you guys. I save the files of all the parts so that if someone wants to buy some, all i have to do is bring it up in the computer, and the CNC table does all the work. Keep an eye out for the flat parts I use on my frame, if you see something you think you can use, PM me, or email me.


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Hey Qucifer,looks real good. i wish i could use are $850,000 CNC plasma cutter at work,but no goverment jobs on it. :001_unsure:
if you can make another set of forks? try to make a set with a bend in the pipes going forward little (almost straight up) just above the last triple tree plates you made. i find that the minibike turns more comfortable. with forks going straight from bottom to top it tends to turn to easy or i shound say to fast. kind of like turning a bike with chopper forks? and also you can have the problem with the hand bars going into your legs. it just depends on lenth,height and angles. the harbor freight wheels may still work for you at low speeds with the good bearings,but sometimes the rims and tires can be out of round and the tread won't last long .
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Hey Delray, I dont quite understand where you are suggesting I put another bend. Do you mean above the upper tree so that the handle bars lean a little forward? Give me some clarification on this please. As of now, It doesnt look like the bars will his my legs, but I have to build the frame today, and wont know for sure until that is done.


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yes qucifer,little forward above the upper tree. you might be ok? it sometimes depends on height,lenth and angles.
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