Two Sick 196cc Engines

Now that I put a pred on my warrior I can start helping my son to get his up and going. He has 2 engines to pull parts from so hopefully he can get one to work.

The first engine came off of my bike. I bought a new carb for it, and when you give it some gas it hesitates and then revs up, but it is not responsive. I tried a second new carb and it behaved the same way. I'm thinking that the old gasket may not have been totally removed and could be causing a vacuum leak. Second thought was that possibly the governor spring was worn/rusted.

Second engine revs fine, but pours white smoke from the exhaust as soon as it starts. No weird sounds and compression seems fine, just a whack of white smoke. I'm hoping it just needs new rings, but I've never split a case open on an engine, or done a ring job. Looks like it may be the next step for this engine.

Any thoughts, tips, or leads would be appreciated. :shrug:
First engine----Re jet the carb with a .035 jet and buy an e tube for it. Then rev test with the wheel off the ground or the chain off. The governor shouldn't play a roll on an off idle rev until the rpm's get to the governor.

Second engine----I would be looking at the valve seals before thinking about a full rebuild.
Thanks for the advice. I have a .35 jet and etube sitting in the garage. I bought them for my bike but I can use them to test the carb on my son's. Guess I'll add some valve guides to my next OMB order. ☺
Rings are easy to swap, but I'd recommend adding a few more fun bits and pieces when you do it. Might as well add a billet rod and new piston while you're at it. Pull that gov and add a billet flywheel, too. I think the diagnosis for the carb from above is pretty spot on. These engines are so easy to work with. You're gonna love them.
I finally got some time to work on the engines. I swapped out the e-tube and put in an .37 jet that I had already ordered for my 212 engine. Engine fired right up (smoky as all get out with choke on, but cleared up as soon as I took the choke off) and the engine seems to rev properly now with no hesitation. One down, one to go.

Thanks for the advice. :scooter: