uhh ohh...another build..the beginning

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so i go by a buddies junk yard last week and while wandering around i find a Baja stuck between two F150s! loaded it up and brought it to the new Baja refuge located in the Dirty South.

stretch the frame, any info from peeps who have done it please chime in!
going with the same type Rebel tank from my first build
tillerson 212 hemi electic start. ordered!!
typical tav, header performance junk.
color scheme, leaning toward british racing green with tan seat

really wanna make this one a super nice cruiser!

finally had a little time this week to get the stocker Baja Heat running, its been sitting in the shop almost 2 months.


little on the slow side here in baja land so i figured id give an update.

got the frame sanded and repainted. almost done with the forks and shocks. all the tinkering is done on the engine with exception of the header (on order). tav 2, no gov, re-jet. i really liked the arc air filter adapter i picked up.


the engine riser plate is really nice also!

decided to go with this tank, seems its the pagsta or close.


ordered the staged side exit header from robertson torque tubes,

next on the list is to make a spacer to be able to use the 8" azusa wheels with a 7" tire. im going to pass that job off to a local fab/machinist.


Just in case you missed it. You do realize that tank is coning from China? On a slow boat... That might sink....

I think you are correct it does look like a Pagsta tank.