valve grinder


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finally got what i was looking for my valve grinder. been looking at different options for fixtures to hold my small valves in place correct.
first thing tried to contact the company that makes this machine by email and phone. no luck at all. hoping they would have a smaller fixture/cage to hold the valve in place. so the next step i look into these collects that ole4 had posted for me.
collet set.PNG
they just didnt work at all for me. the bore inside them doesn't travel all the way through. only a inch or so. i don't regret getting them at all even though they didn't work out. i can still use them other future projects.
here is what i found and should work pretty slick too. this item is made for small valves.
collect 5.jpg

got two different collet sizes for now. one that will hold 5.5mm valves and 1/4" for briggs and tecumseh valves.
collet 2.jpg
collet 3.jpg
collet 4.jpg

here was the problem with the first collet setup. one the valve would not travel into the sleeve/bore and two even if it did there wasn't much of a locking collet lengthwise holding the valve. as you can see the other tool fixture has more holding grip on the valve keeping very true when spinning. ran a dial indicator on it and i might of gotten .001+ out of round. i can live with
collet 1.jpg


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Very nice work...i have an old grinder that was my father in laws years ago, I should get it going.
wow...very cool. looks like it runs on two switches? i have another unit i pickup cheap and that one has two motors/switches. i only have to do one major mod to my quill on my mill and i can do boring,complete valve home....:scooter:

Hey do you have any clue what this part is called?
I purchased exactly this machine, it has the collet inside the chuck, but it is totally missing this crank thingy part.

Thank you