Valve locks/keepers for 5.5mm valve stems.

Hi everyone . Just wondering my best route on buying just the keepers/locks. Would any 5.5mm keepers work? Sorry for the newbieness but I have to start somewhere lol.
I have the dcs-cl2 dual spring and retainer kit. Not sure on the degrees. It came with keepers but I cant get them to fit with the oversized valve stem.
Ok so that is a matched set and the black retainers have their own locks. It was designed for the 5.5 diameter stems, why is it not fitting on your valve stem? Also the dual springs have a different retainer than a single spring.
Not to sure lol. I can get one keeper in no problem but I cant get the second one to squeeze in there. I'll give it another go today see if I can get it in.
So the ebay seller ended up sending me a keeper for free. Now I am realizing the stock rockers are not going to work lol (they keep falling off the valve and rests on the retainer) so I ordered a pair of the HD champions. So close to riding again.