WANTED Vintage 60s V-Plex Clutch Assembl

Hi all!
New to this site... Looking for anybody out there with a very vintage (1960s?) V-Plex (Hagerstown, Ind) variable drive clutch assembly (aka torque converter) for a mini-bike that they may be willing to sell? I’m trying to follow plans from an old Popular Mechanics magazine article (June, 1967 -- “Build Yourself a Minibike”). The engine being used is a Clinton A-500 2 3/4” HP 2-cycle engine with a 5/8” shaft. I presently have a Comet TC-88 torque converter as a back-up if all else fails, but trying to keep everything as “period-correct” and close to the original plans if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any advice / responses.