Ways to speed up your Predator 212cc without removing governor?

I'm currently running a 212cc Predator on my minibike and am irritated that the max speed on it is 24 mph.

Here is what I've already done to the engine:
1. higher flow exhaust
2. aftermarket K&N air filter
3. new jet kit
4. reduced gear ratio from 1:6 to 1:5 (12:72 to 12:60)

Any ways to inexpensive ways speed my bike up? I have an 8 degree timing key but can't get the flywheel off and I dont even know if that's going to help at all either.

This is JMHO but you can go up o the clutch sprocket or keep going down on the rear , but your getting to the point where you will just need more motor to pull the bike .
So it's like this you need more RPM's , which means taking off the gov and installing a new flywheel and a new rod meaning billet .
Both David and Dave are making very good suggestions.:thumbsup:
And to add..you could even get taller tires and keep the rims...that would help a bit also.
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You'll never get it over 3600 with the governor. It just won't happen. Tire size and gear ratio will help, but I don't think you'll be happy with that either. Going fast is expensive. You're looking at a minimum of $175 for the billet parts. After that, you'll get bored and want the valves to stop floating, so 26lb springs and SS valves will be next. While you've got those out, you might as well get a new cam. If you're bored after that, you'll look at alky and a striker crank. See what I mean? Stupid mini bike addiction.
Hi, it appears we have very similar bikes. I'm having no troubles getting well over 24mph with gearing alone. Unless you're a big fella gear up. There seems to be plenty of power on the stock 212 to get well beyond 24mph.

I'm currently at 49mph, stock engine, 17-60 gearing.
I got the 17t off eBay. But found a better selection on a site comet kart. I just purchased a 22t off of there. I'm using a max torque clutch by the way. I got 50lbs on you, you should have no problems at 135
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The guys at Comet are great! I will warn you that a 22t clutch may burn up quickly. A torque converter would probably be a better way to go. A 22t clutch will rob you of your low end torque as well. I'm not saying it can't be done. Obviously, it will work for a while. I would worry about the stress on the clutch. That gearing would require a lot more work for it to get the bike rolling. JMHO
I haven't been into mini bikes long and I would also agree. I would not use such high gearing for tolling around at low speeds or for a general use. I'm using it for long top speed runs.

jewwlion, another side note. I was getting 37mph on my 12 tooth with a zip tie on the gov spring. Pretty sure I was getting 27-30 without. Maybe check for binding or dragging brakes?
The governor is dezined to hold the motors rpm at its torque peak and nothing more, its handy on a pressure washer as thats were you try to make the most pressuse. A mini bike is not that static.
If your changing the intake and exhaust to a more free flowing system obviously your moving your torque peck to a higher rpm.
If you want to benefit from your mods your going to have to adjust the governor.
Mount a tach on the thing so you have some idea what your turning and see were it pulls to.
Those "high speed forks" should add a few mph, right? :laugh:

I hit 54.8 MPH on my little doodle last fall with these mods

Predator 212cc No Governor
ARC Billet Rod .020 Longer
ARC Billet Flywheel 4* Key
Mod2 Cam
BSP Carb .615 Bore, GX140 E-Tube, #36 Jet
18lb Springs
Chrome Moly Pushrods
Straight Pipe Exhaust
Max Torque 12T Clutch
OldMiniBikes Split Sprocket 60T
13x6.5 Street Tires