Well,, it looks like I' am swapping in a GX-200 in the modded MM-80

Work part time mornings in a home improvement store, in the outdoor power equipt. dept., & a guy returned a pretty much brand new Simpson ''pro'' 3700psi pressure washer, with a GX -200 on it.
The dumb @$$ didn't add any extra oil, & the engine would quit running, because of the oil level sensor kicking in, & killing the engine,, so the engine wouldn't get hurt.
Thank God the engine was about 1/2 full of oil from the factory, & seems ok.
I figure from looking @ the plug, that it has maybe 10 min. run time on it.
Comp. seems fine, & it pulls over real nice & smooth.

the time limit of returning the unit ran out, & the Guy basically just unloaded it back to us, - ''All dollars & no sense ''.
When that happens, & Management thinks it's junk,, they will put it out for sale for 15 - 20 bucks,, basically for parts.
I wasn't going to tell them different,, & ended up getting the whole thing for $18.26 out the door,, with my discount. :p;)
''SCORE'' !!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess I can kind'a look at it as a ''killer'' bonus. :)
Sure beats my yearly raise of 22 cents. :rolleyes:

So here is the list of some of the goodies that I will be running on it.

Max torque 12t SS clutch.
65T sprocket.
DID #35 chain
Reworked PMR 212 velocity stack.
Tapered K&N type cone filter.
OldMiniBikes warehouse 3 step under seat header.
RLV 91 muffler, which will couple inside the header,, with an RLV 1' stainless clamp.

Plan on going thru & firing up the engine Fri.

Will keep you posted.;)

Fired up the GX this morning, & ran it for around 15min.
Run's great, & no smoke !! :)
Am going to try & get it mounted in the next couple of days,, & order most the goodies from NR racing, probably by
late next week.
Fabricated alunimum brackets today to mount the 79cc Predator tank that I got from ''Karen'' Manchester 1, last Jan.
I knew that smaller tapered tank would look pretty pimp on a 212 or Honda GX.
Also knew that making brackets to mount it would be a bit of work & patence,, & it was....
Have yet to finish sand & polish the brackets, & will also be using all stainless hardware for them, all said & done.
Tank is very solid. ;)
You might also notice that I cut down the throttle lever & contoured it ect.

Am hoping to get the all the goodies for it & all finished up, by the end of the month.

I 100_5640.JPG 100_5639.JPG 100_5642.JPG 100_5643.JPG