what are you listening to v.2.0

Black Sky Giant - Orbiter (album) - 2021 (remaster of 2020 album)

Destination Space
Probe From Andromeda
Of Robots and Titans
The Phobos Rider
A Man From Planet X
Void (bonus track)
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Liquify - Illusionary Reality (album) - 2021

Crystals Flow Forth From the Sea of Green
Quest for Eternity
Sleeping Dragon
The Spell of Orion
Skyline Haze
Dreams of Beyond
Trekking Through the Dawning Wasteland
Black Sky Giant - Planet Terror (album) - 2021

Planet Terror
Asteroid Hermit
Ghost Valley Truckers
Ulameth (endbringer)
Perpetual Waves To Come
Yithian Time Travellers
The Phantom Gun
Trancoolizard - Meganome (album) - 2021

The First Trip of Hermes
Lucid Night
Morning on Meganome
Adventure Time
Successful Crocodile
Dangerous Rocks
My Dick
Dynamic Motion
The Blues Emergency - The Machine (album) - 2017

Head On
I'm Alright
Strange World
Still Fishing
Good Enough (Tom Petty Cover)
What Does A Man Have To Do
The Machine
Dog Chasing Sun - Fire Walks With Me (album) - 2020

Fire Walks With Me
The Grand Inquisitor
Taken By The Sea
Burn Witch Burn
The Wall Of Sleep
The Sunken Kingdom
Fight Damn LiZZards!
Graveyard Dirt
Dog Chasing Sun - Angel of Combustion (album) - 2022

Angel of Combustion
Slow Rot
Damaged by Dawn
Rusted Beast
Junkyard King
Back From the Dead
Trailer Park Queen
Praise the Sun
Stone Age Mammoth - Desert Rider (album) - 2021

Hippie Rider
Nocturnal Glow
Rattlesnake Dance
Haunted Sea
A Story Never Told
Desert Eyes
Red Fox Blues
Flaming Silence
Watching The Sandstorm