What do you regret selling?

Probably my 2007 Mercedes E63 AMG. I doubt I'll ever buy another 500+hp German uber-sedan again. That car looked good, was comfortable and had tons of power. Where I'm at now it wouldn't have been garaged so it's best I got rid of it.

I also should have kept the '77 F250 High Boy I bought off a buddy of mine. I was moving at the time and didn't want to deal with it. I sold it to this guy, surprised it's still on his site as that was 10+ years ago.


edit: Added a pic of the truck when it was in my possession. Notice it has the same "nine grand" on the side. No idea what that means. My friend I bought it off of got it from his then g/f's dad and he wasn't the original owner. My old Mercedes 2001 E55 is also in the back of that pic.


My car sale was a very regrettable experience for me. It had a few issues, but I sold it very quickly on bad bunny merch store . As a result, I feel so bad, but this wasn't as bad as I thought it was . My current car is a Honda, which I enjoy driving.


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My '66 GMC Handi-Bus.
It was my daily driver for about a year, until it blew a head gasket. Worst snow traction of any vehicle ever. I traded it in on a '93 Ford Festiva. I bought it for $600 and they gave me $500 on trade-in, so it served its purpose of cheap transport. I was living in an apartment at the time, so I had nowhere to store it. But man, I've thought so many times since that I should have worked harder to find a way to keep it.

I regret selling my 59 TR3A triumph my 78 bmw r100-s
66 VW bus my 05 Holden ltd GTO etc etc everything I’ve had worth mentioning is regrettable