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This specific forum is dedicated to finding out what a bike is, or a part.

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What's it worth?
These threads aren't acceptable here. It's worth what you will pay for it, or sell it for.

If anything else needs to be added to this, let me know.
'71? Rupp Scrambler

This one was metallic green originally. I have been trying to get it rebuilt for way too long, all with my grandkid's fun in mind, and my fun too, of course. I am down to buying the items I can't make myself like a seat cover, shocks, torque converter cover, foot peg covers, gas tank grommets etc.

I am hand making the handle bar mounting brackets and already hand made the rear wheel adjusting washers. I have painted it a Ford automotive metallic burgandy, having no desire to make it an original showpiece. I re-ringed the original engine and ground the valves, replacing seals while at it.

I'm in an economy mode right now trying to get the final parts at the lowest reasonable price due to budget constraints. The torque converter cover is the greatest challenge since the original is cracked beyond safe use and replacments are expensive by my standards. I have seen one post on OldMiniBikes.com that shows some fiberglass covers very reasonably priced, but haven't been able to contact the member who posted them. Any help in locating these parts will be a great help!

Drew in Kansas

I'm having a bit of anxiety getting used to this site. Lot's of interesting stuff here though. I'll try to understand where to post what.
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