1. Heffenreffer

    Having no luck posting

    Yep, another new guy here. Trying to find some info/expertise on my Fox Sprite. Getting this message no matter what. Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words. Not posting any urls Or naughty words. Or maybe 'forbidden...
  2. J

    Help posting?? Moderator please

    Hello, need some assistance. I joined this forum for some help troubleshooting a minibike. I made one post in the "what is this" forum and introduced myself and showed my bike. I then went to the briggs and stratton forum and typed out the problem im having with my bike. When I submitted my...
  3. P

    Posting photos

    Bear with me....I haven't been here too long and still trying to decifer navigating the site. Am I correct in assuming the only way to post pics is through a 3rd party? If not, can I ask for a little guidance...( on an Android, that sounds kinky....)
  4. P


    Just testing how this works.
  5. TDB

    new member // having trouble posting

    New member here - I wrote up a nice little introduction to myself and my project but I keep getting denied every time I try to post it. I get a little message that says "Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words." I...
  6. 3

    posting pictures

    hey guys! I'm new here. I want to post some pix of my bike but they are all to large. any way to make them smaller? thanks!
  7. Possom point

    Help Posting pics

    Hey everyone, this is kind of a stupid question, but when I try to upload pics from the computer it keeps saying there to big, ok I get that make it smaller right? Well I did that, sent a email to the computer and made the pics smaller. Still no luck, :mad2::mad2::mad2:what gives? What's...
  8. ReapersRide

    Posting a build thread?

    So I was thinking of posting a project log on an Efenel mini along with a separate assembling of a Fox Condor mini. However I have been attempting to post a photo of my Rupp Chaparral in the go cart section. I found I can not post any, I do not under what quota I could be over. Nor do I have...
  9. yellowlab2

    Rupp Question Posting Issue

    I am trying to post a detailed question about brakes on a Rupp Roadster, and my post keeps getting denied. Can't see anyplace to contact anyone, or a moderator list! Help!
  10. gumpit

    Posting for someone else

    What is this?
  11. motormike

    Image size test posting

    ..and there's this.
  12. doodlebug6.5

    Sorry for posting so much, but have another problem

    Everything was installed on my predator 212 I put the 14cc head on and everything is complete. The engine has very little compression. What is going on both valves are opening. Are they not sealing? My lash is set at .003 for both valves. Havent even tried to start it yet.
  13. Docdc

    Posting a Video

    At the end of this month I will have been on OldMiniBikes for 2 years. I still cannot figure out how to upload a video. They just simply won't. Any help on getting videos uploaded and into posts would be wonderful. Doc
  14. ReapersRide

    posting pictures in PM's or in general?

    Why am I unable to post pictures in PM's or any posts?
  15. derekbmn

    Sears BIG Tire Bike....Posting for Jamie1972

    Model # or name would be great. Help him out.
  16. Stangrcr1

    Build Off voting

    Until Hent and the OldMiniBikes crew can get the forum issues settled, I won't be posting the voting. There are a lot of links in the voting, so I don't want to cause the crew anymore headaches posting the polls. This just gives you more time to look over the builds... :laugh:
  17. T

    Apple products and posting pictures

    I have Apple products and seem to be having a problem posting pictures . I'm not sure if it's the Apple products or the user . I have some great pictures and would love to get them up on your site .
  18. T


    High everyone. Got a 64 Campus Bike about a year and a half ago and have just now gotten serious about the restoration. Will be posting some pics before long, to share my progress, and to get some seasoned advice. Well, anyway, hello to all! turkeyman5-0
  19. owend

    "Someting Wong" modifying a Baja Warrior

    I got logged off while I was posting and will fill you in later about the bike.
  20. firemarshal71

    1000 th Posting

    Funny, just a couple months ago, I made a comment that I don't know how someone can find the time to post so much but here I am biting my tongue at my 1000th posting. This forum/site has been very informative and I have enjoyed my short stay here. Hopefully I was able to contribute in a...